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i need to create a java program call FancyMyName which asks you to wrte a program that tests and using the different methods for working with Strings.

This program will ask the user to enter their first name and their last name, separated by a space.

Read the user’s response using Scanner. Seperate the input string up into two strings, one containing the first name and one containing the last name.You can accomplish this by using the indexOf() hint*** find the position of the space, and then using substring() to extract each of the two names. Also output the number of characters in each name, and output the user’s initials. The initials are the first letter of the first name together with the first letter of the last name.

A sample run of the program should look something like this:

Please enter your first name and last name, separated by a space?

You entered the name: Louis Henry

Your first name is Louis: has 5 characters

Your last name is Henry: has 5 characters

Your initials are: LH


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