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Now they are drafting young children, who must first pass a test, to a Battle School orbiting the Earth. This is where they are trained to be soldiers.

One of those who are drafted is young Ender (Andrew Wiggin),only six years old, who has made many new enemies and rivals upon his arrival. He must now study and work hard to become what is wanted of him, a no-mercy commander, to take on the “Buggers”.

His strength and genius pull him to the top of the list of the extremely competitive games in the Battle Room. The Battle Room is a combat area in which armies of soldiers, the children, engage in fake wars. This is easy for Ender. The only problem he has is the dangerous older boy who is determined to kill ender, the teacher’s who are pushing him too hard, and struggling with himself, as he is trying to be a decent human being rather than be like the “Buggers”, which he sees himself turning into.


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