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Background: Holiday Villas owns more than 40 hotels throughout the United States. They recently acquired a hotel chain in Spain (6 hotels), with the objective of growing the organization globally. Holiday Villas are family style rooms, with a mini kitchen that cater to families on vacation who want to spend time in a low budget but well located area. Most guests stay 3-7 nights. The hotels are typically located in cities with tourist attractions, near downtown locations that are easily accessible by mass transit.

The management team has decided to go with a PCN (parent country national) for the position of manager at the 6 hotels. They ask you to:

a.Put together a compensation plan along with a balanced scorecard. Assume that the base salary of a manager in the U.S. is $7500 a month. You may need to do some additional research to find out what taxes are in Spain, what is a typical housing allowance, and cost of living.

Question: I am not familiar with what a balanced score card is, what it looks like or how to create one.


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