Illinois Furniture, Inc., produces all types of office furniture. The “Executive Secretary” is a chair that has been designed using ergonomics to provide comfort during long work hours. The chair sells for $130. There are 480 minutes available during the day, and the average daily demand has been 52 chairs. There are eight tasks: Task ? B ? D E F G H Performance Time Task Must Follow (mins) Task Listed Below 5 6 7 ?, ? 5 ? 6 D 8 E 8 5 F,G ooww This exercise only contains parts b, c, d, e, f, and g. b) The cycle time for the production of a chair = minutes (round your response to two decimal places). c) The theoretical minimum number of workstations =(round your response up to the next whole number). d) The assignment of tasks to workstations should be: (Hint Number workstations sequentially in terms of precedence relationships and combine any applicable tasks) Workstation Number Task Station 1 B ? Task Workstation Number ? Station 1 B ? D ? ? 6 Station 6 H Were you able to assign all the tasks to the theoretical minimum number of workstations? e) For this process, the total idle time per cycle = minutes (enter your response as a whole number). 1) The total actual idle time at all workstations over the course of an 8-hour work day for the process = minutes (round your response to two decimal places). 9) Given your answer in part (d), the efficiency of the assembly line = % (enter your response as a percentage rounded to one decimal place) Please copy and paste data from text area below. Selected delimiter: Tab Performance Time (mins) Immediate Predecessors 5 Task A B IC ? D E F G H 7 5 6 8 ? ? ? ? ? ? . 5 F GIllinois Furniture, Inc., produces all types of office furniture. The


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